week 3

Task: Identify and source materials for sampling; set up blog.

Well the blog I set up a couple of weeks ago but it is taking some time to get it sorted. The idea is that I will add things each week that will create a record of this project and this will form part of my submission for assessment. I also have a note book for more physical things: notes, samples, gathered information, but the idea of the blog is that I can take lots of photos of things as they develop and I don't have to print them all out.

So this week I had a good rummage around to see what felt I already have to start smapling with. I have some synthetic felt left over from projects a long time ago. I want to use wool felt (for environmental reasons as well as the fact that I can potentially dye it using natural dyes) but using up materials I already have is in a way the most environmentally sensitive thing I can do, however those materials were produced.

I have a small amount of industrial wool felt left over from last semester. This is about 1cm thick and proved lovely to stitch into. I also have this dark orange felt that is definitely wool and came from some bargain bucket somewhere. At this point colour isn't important, I just need to experiment with structures.

I will also use a variety of papers and cards and I've dug out a selection of natural fibre materials of different weights: silk gauze chiffon; habotai silk and some white linen.

The threads I've pulled out of my collection are linens of different weights and a paper yarn.

I can use these in different combinations to sample some techniques and then when I have a better idea of the form my final piece will take I can source exactly what I need.

In addition to the ideas I got from the books I looked at in week 2 I've sorted through my collection of postcards from previous New Designers shows, Knit and Stich shows etc and pulled out anything with a 3D nature for possible inspiration.

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